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.††††† About Socrethics



†††††††††† Name

.†††††††††† Socrethics is a catenation of Socrates and ethics and refers to the Socratic Way of Thinking.


.††††††† †††††††††The name was inspired by Erwin Kollerís philosophy program (1994-2003) which used to end with a Socratic conclusion.



.†††††††††† Purpose

.†††††††††† Socrethics promotes the exploration, teaching and application of practical philosophy.


††††††††††††† ††Within practical philosophy the focus is on the topics addressed by the Socrethics papers.



.†††††††††† Persons

.†††††††††† Bruno Contestabile (author)

.†††††††††† Michael Hampe (main discussion partner and reviewer)

.†††††† ††††Victoria Laszlo (technical maintenance ETH page)



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.†††††††††† Funding

.†††††††††† Socrethics is a non-profit foundation according to Swiss law.



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.†††††††††† admin@socrethics.com