Practical Philosophy


 Working papers by Socrethics         



         Philosophy as Therapy

         Negative Utilitarianism

         Secular Buddhism

         Effective Altruism






             Biological and Cultural Evolution  


 The Biological Evolution of Pain


 How could pain increase in the course of biological evolution?

 The Cultural Evolution of Suffering


 Does suffering decrease with cultural evolution?

 On the Perception of Risk and Benefit

 Does technology improve the benefit/risk ratio?


 Eine interdisziplinäre Betrachtung zur Willensfreiheit


 Wie frei ist der menschliche Wille?

 Cultural Pessimism and Therapy


 How to cope with cultural pessimism?



 Social Philosophy 


 Short History of Welfare Economics


 Does welfare economics contribute to happiness?

 Negative Utilitarianism and Justice


 Is the minimization of suffering in conflict with justice?

 Negative Utilitarian Priorities


 What are the most efficient ways to reduce global suffering?

 Hostility and the Minimization of Suffering


 Does the minimization of suffering lead to a hostile theory?

 On the Buddhist Truths and the Paradoxes in Population Ethics


 How many people should there be?

 The Denial of the World from an Impartial View


 Can suffering be compensated by happiness?

 Negative Utilitarianism and Buddhist Intuition


 Is our perception of non-existence distorted?



             Philosophy of Life 


 The Moral Ideal of the Complete Life


 Is it reasonable to promote an ideal human character?

 The Controllability of Life Satisfaction


 Are we the architects of our own fortune?

 Moralischer Perfektionismus und Gerechtigkeit


 Welchen moralischen Stellenwert hat Selbstverwirklichung?

 Erkenntnis und Transzendenz in der Lebenspraxis


 Wie können Vernunft und Religion versöhnt werden?

 Konkurrierende Lebensziele


 Warum gibt es widersprüchliche Lebensphilosophien?

 Moral Relativism and the Search for Happiness


 Does the result of happiness research depend on the method?

 The Good Life in Philosophical Films


 Can the good life be taught by films?

 Philosophy as Therapy – Introduction


 What is philosophy as therapy?





 Michael Hampe – Das vollkommene Leben


 Was ist eine vernünftige Lebensweise?

 Michael Hampe – Tunguska


 Wie hängt Ethik mit Naturphilosophie zusammen?

 Michael Hampe – Die Lehren der Philosophie


 Hat die Philosophie einen Anspruch auf Wahrheit?

 Konrad Banicki – Philosophy as Therapy


 Is there a universal concept for philosophical therapy?

 Toby Ord – Why I’m Not a Negative Utilitarian


 Is negative utilitarianism a deficient theory?