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Practical Philosophy


 Working papers by Socrethics (2005-2017)



 1   Philosophy as Therapy

 2   Negative Utilitarianism

 3   Secular Buddhism

 4   Effective Altruism



1.    Biological and Cultural Evolution



1.1   The Biological Evolution of Pain

1.2   The Cultural Evolution of Suffering

1.3   On the Perception of Risk and Benefit

1.4   An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Freedom of Will  [German original]

1.5   Cultural Pessimism and Therapy




2.    Social Philosophy



2.1   Short History of Welfare Economics

2.2   Negative Utilitarianism and Justice

2.3   Negative Utilitarian Priorities

2.4   Hostility and the Minimization of Suffering

2.5   On the Buddhist Truths and the Paradoxes in Population Ethics  [Journal article]

2.6   A Solution to the Mere Addition Paradox                                     

2.7   Population Ethics with Negative Welfare

2.8   The Denial of the World from an Impartial View  [Journal article]

2.9   Negative Utilitarianism and Buddhist Intuition  [Journal article]




3.  Philosophy of Life



3.1   The Moral Ideal of the Complete Life

3.2   The Controllability of Life Satisfaction

3.3   Moral Perfectionism and Justice  [German original]

3.4   Knowledge and Transcendence in Practical Live  [German original]

3.5   Competing Life Goals  [German original]

3.6   Moral Relativism and the Search for Happiness

3.7   The Good Life in Philosophical Films

3.8   Philosophy as Therapy – Introduction

3.9   Philosophy as Therapy – Beyond the Medical Model    




4.    Reviews



4.1   Michael Hampe – Das vollkommene Leben  [German only]

4.2   Michael Hampe – Tunguska  [German only]

4.3   Michael Hampe – The Teachings of Philosophy  [German original]

4.4   Konrad Banicki – Philosophy as Therapy

4.5   Toby Ord – Why I’m Not a Negative Utilitarian